A Gift for a Two Year Old…

As you know, Lennox’s birthday is coming up. Our little girl big girl is almost two years old! Rather than getting a few misc little gifts, we like to get one big gift that will last her quite some time. Last year we got her the play kitchen – which she loves and uses more and more as she grows older.

This year we decided she needed a good toy to keep her entertained outside. We thought a playground/climber would be a great choice. There are so many to choose from but after lots of research we landed on this one:

Kyle went and got it this past weekend – The box wouldn’t even fit in the SUV! So after taking it apart in the Toys R Us parking lot at 8pm saturday night, Kyle got it home and it currently looks like this in our garage:



Lennox saw it yesterday and wasn’t sure what it was, then saw the slide – sat on it and said weeeeeee! She will be so excited when she sees it put together. Will we be able to wait until her birthday to give it to her?


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