International Dinner Night

A “classical tradition” at Montessori schools around the world, is to celebrate the wide range of the children’s nationalities and heritage. At Lennox’s Montessori school, they have such a wide range of students — especially Lennox’s classroom. We have a few families that don’t even speak english yet! So, her school planned their International Dinner night for this past Friday. Each family was asked to bring a dish that represented the heritage of their children. So this event was potluck style. All the food was good and it was nice getting to meet some of the other families!

It was so much fun to watch Lennox in her element. Usually when we go to an event like this, she is shy at first before going and playing — not this time! She was exciting to get outside and immediately started running around. When her little friend, Paxton, showed up – she was VERY excited! Paxton! Paxton!  They were off and played together almost the whole night! All in all, it was a great night and all 3 of us!

Here are some pictures from the night:

In this next picture, it looks like she is holding up a worm, but really its just grass. Thank goodness!

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