Memorial Day 2012

I hope everyone had a good memorial day holiday. We may have been one of the only families that did not have a cookout or go to a cookout, but that’s ok; we still had a good day! I tried to get a cute picture of Lennox in her patriotic clothes, but this is all I could get. She doesn’t like me taking her picture anymore 🙁 but she loves taking pictures herself! I think she needs her own camera!

We had a busy morning starting with some morning cuddles in the big bed, followed by some building blocks, we finished putting together the gazebo outside (what a pain in the butt!) followed by a little relaxing tv after naptime.

We went outside and checked out the progress our landscaper was making on putting a border on the garden, looked a flowers and blew bubbles! Bubbles = Summertime!

Lastly, before dinner we went for a little ride on our Dora car and of course she went running down the street for me to chase her — everyday, it never fails!

All in all, it was a good day – Did you do anything fun today to celebrate the holiday weekend or start of summer?

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