Sunday Morning at the Dallas Zoo

We decided to head out to the Dallas Zoo this morning. Lennox and I have never been there, and Kyle hadn’t been there in almost 20 years. It used to be a very small zoo,that was not so great – So I was unsure what to expect. It turned out to be an amazing zoo! It is a non-traditional zoo, in the sense that it does not have the animals in small habits, but large savanna type areas, mixed with other animals. This really gave you a peek into what they are like in the wild.

In the main savannah area, they had elephants, zebras, giraffes, lions and cheetahs. We saw Zebra’s fighting/playing(?) with each other:

Zebras fighting at the Dallas Zoo

Elephants being shy and hiding:

Elephant at Dallas Zoo

Lennox was up close and personal with the giraffes. She got to feed them some lettuce! She could of given them a pet if she wanted to, but she was getting a little nervous! It was really neat seeing them so close. They loved getting their chins rubbed, licking the big block of ice and eating lots of lettuce from all the kiddos.

Feeding Giraffe at Dallas Zoo

We got to meet the two male, 3 year old, lions that are at the zoo. They brought them out to do some training. Lennox talked with them the whole time they did their training. I think she thought they were a big version of our cat, George!

Lions at the Dallas Zoo

Before we headed to a different part of the zoo, lennox met the Lion’s neighbors, the cheetah. She LOVED them. One of the cheetahs kept coming up to her, nose to nose. I thought for sure it would scare Lennox but she giggled with excitement everytime he/she came around. Once  they stopped running by, she kept asking where they were. Since she was such a good girl during our visit, she got a stuffed cheetah to bring home (she’s currently sleeping with him now!)

Cheetah's at the Dallas Zoo

Some silly time with Dad is always needed; Lennox & Kyle are pretending to be like the Nile Crocodile:

One of my favorite animals, the Koala, was there. They were both sleeping, but eventually woke up and starting calling to each other – they are so cute!

Koala's at the Dallas Zoo

It was a great day at the zoo! We will be back soon, Dallas Zoo!

Dallas Zoo

This was the ony picture I could get with Lennox – lately she wants nothing to do with getting her picture taken with me!

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning at the Dallas Zoo

    1. Heather

      Hey Sarah — We have a season pass to another zoo in the area, but this one was awesome!!

      Yes i’m using pic monkey — I could just do it in photoshop, but sometimes I’m just too lazy! The new collage tool is cool, except you can’t add text 🙁


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