The past TWENTY TWO months have flown by…

The past TWENTY TWO months sure have flown by. Lennox is already 22 months (almost 23 months, since i’m running way behind) and I am starting to plan her 2nd birthday party. I’m not sure if i’m ready to have a 2 year old!! – although we have hit the terrible two milestone – thats for sure! Little Miss Smiley Pie here may look sweet, but she has a mind of her own and knows what she wants, and if she doesn’t get it, you are going to hear about it!

So, what is going on in Lennox’s world?

Words Sentences: We no longer are trying to keep track of what words she knows, she seems to know everything she needs to know – she never shuts up! School says she is somewhat quiet, I find that hard to believe! She goes to bed talking and wakes up talking… and likes to tell you what she wants, sees, feels, likes, etc. She will repeat almost anything at this point, which can be a fun game to play! Mommy and Daddy have to be very careful with what we say these days!
Favorite toys: She still loves her babies, her play kitchen, fisher price talking animal zoo. She is really into playing outside and doing arts & crafts.
What makes her laugh: She still loves to be chased and playing hide and seek – that gets the biggest belly laughs still.
Clothing size: 2T/3T — she is growing like a weed (height wise – still has a tiny little waist)
Shoe size: 5.5-6 lately! Her feet decided to start growing a lot!
Favorite Foods: She will eat about anything, but her favorite snacks are fruit snacks, strawberries, oranges, apples, cookies, ICE CREAM, applesauce and cheese.
Favorite Drink: Milk & Water are still what she likes. She will ask for Lemonade or Orange Juice, still no apple juice.
Number of Teeth: We have 16 teeth so far!!
Milestones: On our last update, I said we may be starting potty training – that has gone now where. She likes to sit on the potty, for about 2 seconds, but that is all that happens. She goes, I DID IT! when she sits on the potty and then gets up, but so far, nothing is happening. We are not really working on it much though — she just isn’t ready yet. Other milestones? She is climbing up into her chairs, she can walk up and down the stairs pretty well and she is learning how to ride her trike.

Well, thats about it — Soon i’ll be writing our 2 year update — i’m not ready for a TWO year old!!

PS – Thanks to Tottums @ Froggy & the Mouse for linking up some collage directions for PicMonkey 🙂

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