Lennox turned 23 months on Friday. One more month until she is a two year old! We went today and bought a bunch of stuff for her birthday party – looking forward to celebrating her birthday!

So, what is going on in Lennox’s world?

Words Sentences: Her latest is singing the alphabet, like this video I posted the other week.
Favorite toys: Babies, making lunch for her babies in her kitchen, learning to ride her bike, and going for wagon rides.
What makes her laugh: Being silly in general makes her laugh.
Clothing size: 2T/3T top/dress, bottoms 2T.
Shoe size: Moving on to 6.
Favorite Foods: Cheese, crackers, spaghetti, fruit, cookies, carrots.
Favorite Drink: Most anything but we usually stick with Water and Milk.
Number of Teeth: 16 teeth!
Milestones: She has had daily successes on the potty! She doesn’t always ask, but if you ask if she has to go, and she says yes, most times she will go. She needs some distraction (elmo potty training app, books, etc) to sit long enough to go, but whatever works right?


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