2 Year Old Check-Up

On Friday Lennox had her two year old well visit check up. I personally hate going to the doctor but I look forward to Lennox’s check-ups. I love hearing how she is growing and developing.

The last few visits Lennox has been a little more nervous about seeing the doctor but in true big girl fashion, she trotted right back when the nurse called for her and jumped right up on the examination table. She did everything the doctor asked for and was sweet as sugar. I was one proud mama!

The doctor gave her two Dora stickers for being so good.


Her two year old stats:

Weight: 27lbs 6oz (50%)
Height: 2ft 11.5in (90%)
Head: 19.5 (50%)

We of course had to have one shot but lennox was brave and didn’t have any tears! For that, she got a lollipop and ball.


All in all, Lennox is meeting every development milestone and more for her age so it was a good visit!

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