Any Tips for a Road Trip?

I need tips on how to keep Lennox happy during a long-ish road trip in a few weeks.

Right after the 4th of July we will be heading down south for a Terrell Family Vacation! We are going to Hill Country to the Frio River!

It’s going to be a blast, but we have to pack so many things for Lennox and have to keep her happy for the ~7 hour trip each way. We’ll be leaving first thing in the morning to get down there by afternoon, so she’ll be wide awake when we leave, unfortunately!!

She gets bored and antsy in the car very quickly, even just for a 30 minute drive, so it should be interesting!

I plan on filling up the iPad with her favorite tv shows and games, but I know that will last just so long. I’m hoping she will sleep after a while, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she held strong and didn’t nap at all!

Does anyone have any tips on how to keep her happy for the majority of the trip?

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2 thoughts on “Any Tips for a Road Trip?

  1. Shaun

    I made a box of goodies. Books, stuffed animal, crayon and paper,Kindle. Maybe hit up a dollar store for some cheap new toys?

    Be prepared to have to pick up thrown toys. We also prepared for more stopsthan what we usually do! Good luck and have fun!!

  2. Diana

    Well – considering I don’t have kids of my own I can only offer what my parents use to do (even though I’m not sure if she’s old enough). We use to play I spy or give her something to look for out the window and make it into a game (I spy something green or count how many ___ there are). Then we would sing songs. The best part about our road trips was I use to have a play steering wheel so I use to pretend I was driving like my dad!


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