Celebration of Life

Celebration of Life

As you may know, Monday was Lennox’s SECOND birthday! A tradition at Montessori schools is to celebrate the kids birthdays with a “Celebration of Life”. At a Celebration of Life, the students and guides (teachers) share the accomplishments of the child throughout their life thus far and what they may be able to do in the next coming year.

The Setup:

celebration of life - room setup

So for Lennox’s Celebration of Life, I was able to come into her classroom and celebrate with her. Unfortunately, Kyle wasn’t able to come due to a work commitment, but I know he wishes he could have been there! Once it was time to start the celebration, Lennox sat down with her friends, and showed them pictures from her life. I had brought in pictures for her, from newborn through two years old. The kids loved seeing them and pointing out everything they saw. Here are an assortment of picture I brought in:

Here is Lennox showing her friends her pictures:

Celebration of Life showing pictures to friends

Once she finished showing her friends her life in pictures. They sang Happy Birthday to her and she blew out her 3 candles (one for birth, one for year 1 and one for year 2!) Then it was time for snack, muffins & apples!

Watching her candles as they sang Happy Birthday to her and waiting for her snack:

celebration of life

Lennox having her snack with her handmade birthday crown!

Hanging out with her friends:

After the celebration, Lennox was doing everything for me not to leave her. She went potty, she cleaned up after her snack, she brought me three different works and showed me how she could cut paper, make playdoh pizza and glue paper … but of course, I had to get to work so it was time to go. She was so sweet with her friends and during the celebration – I’m glad I was able to spend the morning with her!

montessori works

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    1. Heather

      I’m glad someone is enjoying learning more about Montessori 🙂 If you ever have any questions, let me know! I’m sure i’ll keep sharing what is going on!


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