Favorite Toys of the Past Year

On the eve of Lennox’s birthday, which means new toys, I have been looking through and organizing her playroom. There are toys that we thought would be huge hits and weren’t, and others that she plays with all the time. Here are a few of Lennox’s favorite things over the past year (1-2 year old):

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Piano
Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Interactive Baby Grand Piano
This one she is on and off with, but when she is into it, she is really into it! She loves dancing around with the music and playing songs for me. The best thing about this toy, is that I got it for FREE through freecycle! Love!
When we first put this together last year, she would only play with it for a few minutes and get bored. She couldnt even reach the microwave, but now that she is big enough, she LOVES it. She will make us food, make her dolls food, do the dishes, everything. It is so cute to watch her cook for us 🙂
Princess Cozy Coupe
This has always been a huge hit. It is even better now that we removed the floor of it and she can speed around like Fred Flintstone!
Little People Zoo
Little People Zoo
This is a great toy! The only downfall was that it only came with 3 animals and the additional animals are extremely hard to find. I finally was able to hit fisher-price.com with them in stock and got some new animals orders — they are cheap, $3, but always sold out or way over priced on other sites. Either way, she loves to play with it, showing me all the animals and learning all their names/sounds. I think this one will be a hit for quite some time.
So, As we approach 2 years old I wonder what toys she will fall in love with. Are there any toys that your 2-3 year old just loves or on the other hand, dislikes?
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3 thoughts on “Favorite Toys of the Past Year

    1. Heather

      Thanks Sarah! I agree, every kid should have one! I hear they have a motorized one now, i’m not so sure about that! Stay classic!

      KidKraft really is great…!

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