summer 2012 bucket list

Lennox’s Summer 2012 Bucket List

summer 2012 bucket list


This is my bucket list, for summer 2012 – 10 things I want to do with Lennox, that are 100% summer related!

1. Roast Marshmallow’s and make S’mores! We will be taking a family trip down to the Frio River in July, with the whole Terrell gang and we will have to make this happen! Swimming/Floating down the river by day, cooking out by evening, sleeping in a lodge — it will all work out great!

2. See Fireworks

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We need to get to some Fireworks this 4th of July. I know it will be completely past Lennox’s bedtime, but this year, I would like to keep her up so we can go see some!

3. See a 4th of July Parade


Same as with the fireworks, we need to make this happen this year. I remember going to the 4th of July parade every year as a kid, and I had so much fun. I want to pass that fun onto Lennox.

4. Go Swimming in the Ocean

Source: via Heather on Pinterest


We will be heading back up to Cape Cod for 2 weeks in August, and we will have to re-visit the beach and let Lennox experience the ocean and the sand between her toes!

5. Build a Sandcastle

cape cod sand castle with lennox

6. Experience the fun of Sparklers (with parent supervision!)


7. Walk along the beach and search for seashells.

8. Go on a Boat Ride — I hope to head to Martha’s Vineyard while on vacation to introduce Lennox to some family friends. If we are able to do this, then we’ll be taking over the ferry.

9. Attend a Chatham Band Concert — Again, a great memory of every summer growing up on Cape Cod. Getting a balloon, candy and a glow stick — that was all that mattered to the little ones!

10. Learn to ride a tricycle

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