neighbors at the heritage spray park

Neighborhood Fun

I know I have mentioned before that I love my neighbors and my neighborhood, but it just love it more and more every week! Lennox is finally opening up and being herself around everyone, and just LOVES playing with the neighborhood kids. She could play with them every moment of the day, if she had her way!

This past weekend we spent saturday evening at the neighborhood spray park again. This time we all decided to bring dinner with us, so that we could stay longer. It was such a great time. Lennox played with all the other kids for over three hours without skipping a beat.

neighbors at the heritage spray park

What are the chances of getting all the kids looking at the camera and at least somewhat smiling? Pretty slim I would say! Check out Lennox in the back with her cheesy grin, what’s that all about?

So reason number 256 why I love my neighbors and neighborhood: Saturday evenings at the spray park. <3

Ps. Does anyone have recommendations for swim diapers that actually work?! I hate having to keep checking her (because i’m paranoid) so that we aren’t contaminating the water with poo. The swim diapers by Huggies and Pampers seem not to absorb or hold anything in! TMI- I know, sorry.

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