Party Time: Yo Gabba Gabba Style!

Warning: Lots of cute pictures 😉 And even more here if you are interested.

Last Monday was Lennox’s Birthday but last Saturday was Lennox’s birthday party! This year we decided to have the theme of Yo Gabba Gabba (one of her favorite shows). I had found some traditional party decorations that were Yo Gabba Gabba themed and then decided to use rainbow colors for the rest. I had found some great ideas from Pinterest, so between the two types, I think it came out pretty well 🙂

My favorite were the Rainbow cupcakes. I made these once before and they were a major hit, so once again I made them and they came out just as great.

Rainbow cupcakes

We also had muno juice, jello rainbow cookies, fruit, veggies and chips & dip.

yo gabba gabba birthday party
Lennox had a great time playing with all her friends. Although, everyone was there to see the birthday girl, all the kids ran away into the play/toy room – which worked out much better than I planned. I didn’t plan for the kids to go in there actually, but they didnt make a disaster, as I had feared!
We all got to visit with family too, of course. My mom made the trip down from Massachusetts, which Lennox LOVED.
Kyle & His Mom

Great picture of Kyle & his mom!

Uncle Kevin (Kyle’s Brother) & Soon to be Aunt Katie!


My Mom

family and friends

Lennox’s Cousin Henry & Aunt Mandy enjoying some cuddles and cupcakes!

After a little visiting and playing, it was time for CAKE!

Some of these cake pictures with Lennox came out so well (thanks to my neighbor and sister taking pictures for me! I am now sold on the fact I need a better camera…)

This picture shows the REAL Lennox, she is crazy:

And of course, the party ended with presents!

Hey? Is there more in here?

All in all it was a great birthday party. Lennox had A LOT of fun. Thanks to everyone who came and for all the sweet gifts, she loves them ALL (more to come on that soon)!

Lastly, it wouldn’t be a Yo Gabba Gabba party without DJ Lance Rock showing up:

Once again, Happy Birthday to our TWO year old – We love you!!!


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