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A Step Back in Time: Concan, TX & the Frio River

We got back from our Frio River trip a few days ago. We had a great time but it had been quite some time since we had ventured out into nature and were surrounded by, well, not much of anything! It was refreshing to be disconnected from the world for a few days, be miles and miles away from traffic, supermarkets, Walmart, etc. We spent the days swimming and floating the river and our evenings hanging out on the porch, grilling dinner and being with family.

While at the Frio we stayed in Concan, TX — a little town near garner state park and along the river. To give you an idea of how small it is, the population is 125! It is a town full of trees, water and cabins for tourists to stay at. It was like stepping back into the 40s or 50s in Texas hill country. It is the prettiest area of Texas I have been to. Given, I havent been to that many places in texas, but its much nicer than the flat, busy, anti-tree area of texas that I live in.

We stayed at Neal’s Lodges, a great family run place on the river that hasn’t changed much since 1926!

frio river neal's lodges

There were 14 of us staying in the lodge we rented. It worked out pretty well. It was nice having everyone together in one place. A sneak peek of what our lodge looked like:

saddle oak neals lodge frio river

Surrounding our lodge and everywhere else in the area were LOTS and LOTS of deer! We saw deer of all ages, they were not afraid of people and would come right up to the house. Lennox LOVED going outside to look at the deer. We even saw a little baby who had to of just been born learn how to walk. A little Bambi!

Lennox also had a great time running around the backyard, playing outside in her pajamas, collecting rocks, etc. It was nice to have a big area for her to play in and 13 other people to help watch her!

A few other fun things we were able to do were….

making ice cream with Uncle Kollin & Aunt Sissy:

We got to use sparklers….

We also go to swim in the pool, swim in the swimming hole and float the river — pictures of all this coming soon! My soon to be sister-in-law had a waterproof digital camera (so cool – I need to get one) so once I get pictures from her, I’ll post them. hopefully some of the pictures of Lennox and I actually came out, because the ONLY one that I have with her, looks like this:

yeah…. bummer 🙁

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