Cousin’s Meeting for First Time! Wordless Wednesday

Our nephew, Lennox’s cousin, Jaxon – is in town for a few days and they have never been able to meet before. We were able to spend sometime playing together, getting to know Jaxon (we hadn’t seen him since he was a little baby — long family drama story there) and just having a good time. I wish they lived closer to us so that they could be good friends — they have a lot of the same Terrell traits! Here are some quick photos from our visit:


Cousins coloring

jaxon & lennox coloring

Playing in the tree’s

Lennox playing with one of Kyle’s old toy trucks!

Serious kids — it was already past bedtime!

Now for silly kids! They are two peas in a pod!

Great visit – looking forward to seeing Jaxon again – hopefully it won’t be 4 years in between visits again!

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