firework collage grapevine, tx

Family Fireworks Night

As I mentioned in my other 4th of July Post, we went to the Grapevine Fireworks after our cookout. Lennox had a blast spending time with family and I wanted to post some of my favorite pictures from the night!

Look Mom, I can fly (or copy the girl on my shirt!)

“It wasn’t me!”…

Lennox Playing with (Soon to Be) Aunt Katie…

Lennox is a BIG fan of Uncle Kollin..

“Look Guys, There is an Airplane!” She was pointing them out all night. Even when the fireworks were going on!

Aunt Sissy is pretty awesome too!

Lennox with her Mimi and Vince

firework collage grapevine, tx

We head out in the morning for our family trip to the Frio so this was just a warm up for spending lots of time with family. It is going to be a lot of fun and I think Lennox will have a blast! More family pictures to come soon, i’m sure! Happy Weekend to everyone!

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