Happy Birthday America!

Well, another 4th of July celebration has come and gone. In a way I miss my old childhood traditions of going to the 4th of July parade in town and then to the beach for fireworks — all those just don’t seem the same here, but it is fun to start new traditions with Lennox and Kyle’s family! I had planned on taking Lennox to a 4th of July parade, but it just didn’t happen this year. Instead we spent the morning in our PJs and watching cartoons.

During nap time I made these yummy strawberries I found on pinterest. I had a little drama with melting the chocolate (it shouldnt be that hard, but for some reason it was!) and they came out looking cute:

patriotic strawberries

Red strawberries, dipped in White chocolate, dipped in Blue sprinkles! Red White & Blue!

After nap time, we headed over to Mimi’s house (Kyle’s Mom) for a cookout with the family. Lennox has started to really warm up to everyone fast, which is fun to watch. She acts like such a big girl most of the time!

little girl, big chair

Taking a seat in Mimi’s producer chair!

After dinner, we packed everything up and headed out to the Grapevine Fireworks at Lake Grapevine, TX. We got to sit right up front of where they set the fireworks off. We had a good time hanging out before they started (2 1/2 hours worth) then it was time for the show! It isn’t a fireworks show without glow in the dark jewelery!

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Lennox. She actually didn’t say anything most of the time, but when it was over she asked if they had gone home and if the fireworks were “all gone”. Yes, yes they were, but she told me this morning she liked them – so, looks like we have a firework fan!

lake grapevine fireworks 2012

I have more fun pictures of Lennox with family, but I have to get them off my camera.. will post them soon! Until then, Happy Birthday America!

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