How I Bring Home the Bacon

Today I’m linking up with Growing up Geeky for Toddle Along Tuesday. This weeks topic: occupation. I wrote a post the other day about how I feel about being a full time working mommy, now here is what I actually do!

I haven’t participated in a while but I thought this was a good one to jump back in for. How do I bring home the bacon aka What do I do for work? That is a good question! I’m sure some of my family members aren’t even sure exactly what I do. Do I know exactly what I do? Somedays the answer might be no!

Officially I am a User Experience Designer for a large travel company (think talking gnome and you will figure out where I work – any guesses?).What does that mean? I work on the travel website and help develop new features, as well as refine existing ones. I work on the experience the user will have while on the site; the information design, the visual design and the interaction while using the site to book travel. Still unsure? Pretty much when you use a website, someone in my role would be responsible for the information layout, the visual design of that information, how you can interact (click, move, select, view) with the content and the steps you take to complete your task (purchase).

So in short, I’m a website designer, that has involved into a UX (User Experience) Designer now. Now that I have labeled myself a designer or artist, people would think that I’m artistic and designer-y… Well, honestly, I’m not! I am lucky I can draw stick figures with Lennox! I can solve a problem for a website, and work within brand guidelines, but I don’t see myself as an artist or designer type — outside of websites and brand at least! Lennox and I will have something in common as she is learning to draw — I hope she will be able to draw better than her mommy and daddy!!

A few fun things about my job — travel benefits and fun places I get sent! We personally used our great discount at disney and headed to disney before Lennox was a twinkle in our eye – can you say cheap hotels ($45/night and free disney pass!)

I have been sent some fun places as well. We have had marketing meetings in Las Vegas & Denver.

I also traveled to the Buenos Aires office earlier this year:

I have been lucky enough to WIN two trips! One was our San Francisco trip during spring 2011 and the other was the Carnival Cruise this past october for our anniversary!

Besides meetings and winning trips, I have had the pleasure of going to SXSWi (Interactive Conference in Austin) two years (2010 & 2011). So all in all, I have a fun job with some great benefits (other than travel – I get almost 6 weeks of time off)!



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12 thoughts on “How I Bring Home the Bacon

  1. Nancy

    Love the benefits! I am super jealous you get to attend SXSW! Cruises?! Exciting! I need to get my act together so I can figure out what the heck I want to do with my life besides being a SAHM.

    1. Heather

      The benefits are quite the perk! Going to SXSWi is so much fun and you get to meet a bunch of cool people. I didn’t get to go this year, but hopefully next year! You should check it out sometime!

  2. Meghan

    Sounds awesome! Isn’t it great to do what you love. I hopped on over from TAT @ Growing Up Geeky. As a fellow full-time working mom, I am enjoying your blog…newest follower 🙂


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