{Picture Recap} Floating the Frio River

I mentioned at the end of my other Frio post that my (soon to be) sister-in-law had a waterproof digital camera, which by the way, is super cool! She posted the pictures this weekend and I thought I would share. It’s pretty awesome to be able to capture some moments while in the pool, swimming hole and on the river!

Lennox with her Uncle Kevin in the pool.

 This is such a great picture.. I love that Lennox has a REAL smile going on!

Lennox and Auntie Katie

Lennox liked her new boat float from her Great Aunt & Uncle!

Lennox floating on the river!

Mother/Daughter fun!

What a pose Lennox!

Playing in Aunt Nancy’s Float

Kyle & I in the swimming hole. We could use a tan!

When we went to float down the river, we had to rent our tubes and then take a shuttle to the river crossing. Lennox loved riding on the little bus and singing “Wheels on the Bus”!

On the way to the river

 I love this picture of Lennox and I too…She was ready to float the river!

Picking out our tubes and about to hit the river for the third time!

Floating down the River!

Here is a little sample of what it looks like while floating down the river — very pretty, calm and quiet (except for Lennox!)

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