weekend recap in instagram photos

Weekend Recap with Instagram

weekend recap in instagram photos

Do you see a theme in all these pictures? I guess it was a PINK weekend! This was our last weekend before VACATION!! I can’t wait 🙂 I only got about 1/2 of the things done I wanted/needed to get done, but I’ll somehow get it all done before we leave!

From Top left to right bottom:

1. Quick family picture while relaxing after work/school. TGIF!

2. I got 5″ cut off my hair and I colored it.. the color didn’t really come out – it is just a little more red than before, I’ll have to try again!

3. Tried out the new TBCY near our house Saturday night. Always love ice cream!

4. Yelling at me about something. I think that she wanted cake and lemonade.

5. Sunday was Henry’s 2nd Birthday! Lennox helping Henry open up one of his gifts.

6. Lennox playing with the Dinosaurs we got Henry.

7. Finally, some CAKE!

8. Lennox loving her ring pop! I loved ring pops when I was little… now she does too!

Next weekend’s recap (hopefully there is one), should be a little more interesting as we’ll be out-of-town and I’ll have fun things to share! Have a good week everyone!

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