Weekend Recap

Well, this weekend was eventful but not overly exciting. Lennox got sick Friday, so it ended up being a weekend at home for the most part. Friday she stayed home with me and was my little co-worker while I did my work:

my co worker for the day

Then she hung out with Daddy in the evening while Mommy got to go out with some neighborhood moms! It was our first Girls Night Out – it was great and I look forward to more!

Empty Car Seat!

Drinks for the Moms!

Unfortuantly a few hours after going to bed Friday night, I was woken up by Lennox calling for me. I went up to find her sitting up wheezing in her crib and all she wanted was me, no Daddy for her. We ended up having to stay up with her for a little over an hour so she could calm down and have a drink/snack. In the meantime, Kyle is running to Walmart at 230AM to get a refill filter for the humidifer (way to be prepared – right?) and I’m watching Yo Gabba Gabba – just how I wanted to spend the night 😉 She finally got back to sleep and slept the rest of the night. In the morning, we got her into the doctor. I love that our pediatrican has hours saturday – makes life much easier! They ended up doing a breathing treatment on her and she was almost instantly better – it was great! She was not a fan of the breathing mask though:

My poor baby! Once we got home, she said she had to do some work while watching “lion” (Madagascar 2). She is a nut!

The rest of the day went just fine, other than having a sleepy girl. This morning, she insisted on taking her baby for a walk, in her pajamas. Yes she is in winter fleece footy pajamas, yes it’s almost 90 degrees and sunny outside, yes I was in my pajamas too… We looked pretty awesome walking through the neighborhood, if I do say so myself! Ha!

So.. that was our weekend, it could have been better but it could be way worse AND better this weekend than next. Next weekend we are headed to the Frio!

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. amber

    Oh my gosh, poor thing! I’m glad everything is ok.
    She looks so pitiful in the breathing mask.
    But she looks super cute in her pajamas! My little girl loves to run around in crazy outfits out in public. She insists on it. I get the weirdest looks sometimes. Haha.

    1. Heather

      Thanks amber — she is feeling much better thankfully!
      I can’t really blame them for wanting to wear PJs all the time – I think I would do the same if I could!!


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