wittlebee box #2

You Got Mail: Wittlebee Box #2

Last month I was introduced to Wittlebee by Mama G over at Growing Up Geeky, and I was pleasantly surprised with the results! I was happy with what came in our box but this month I decided to change-up the style a bit and be a little more descriptive on what I want and need. What I got last month was good, as it was different from what Lennox already has, but I realized I missed the pinks and extra girly colors! So I picked Princess Diva this time, instead of Hipster. The outcome this month, a great success! Next month I may even try Pink Geeky and see what happens! It’s almost like an experiment!

wittlebee box #2
Here is what she got:
Bathing Suit, which she loves – she was wearing it before school today! It’s a tad small honestly since its a funky material, but its the size I asked for so not much I can do about that — it will still fit for this season well enough, I think. Denim Flower Outfit, super cute!
Wittlebee Giraffe shirt – I was excited about this. Lennox loves giraffes!
Musica Lately Lily shirt – This is a new brand, and I was excited to try it.
Cupcake Shirt
Polka Dot Skirt
Bright Blue Leggings
Pink & White Tennis Style Dress – This will be a cute coverup for the beach!
Also – They did replace the shirt that was too big last time with an extra clothing item this month, so that was great customer service!
Overall, a great month for the Wittlebee box… Lennox opened it before I even got home and was excited about it last night and again this morning. She keeps opening it like it’s the first time! I really look forward to seeing what I get in the winter month Wittlebee boxes… Winter clothes always seem more substantial!
If you havent tried Wittlebee, you really should try it out – it’s a lot of fun and a great deal!

Wittlebee Kids Clothing Club

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