Yup, Did That – Lennox’s Summer Bucket List Update

About a month ago I wrote a bucket list for the summer. It was a bucket list for Lennox not myself – although everything on the list are things that we will do together. They were all things I enjoyed doing as a kid, so I wanted her to start experiencing them all as well!

With the summer almost half done, we have made some good progress and had lots of fun along the way!

Roast Marshmallow’s and make S’mores! – CHECK! We did this while on our Frio trip. Lennox was interested in roasting the marshmallow but didn’t really want to eat it or the S’mores. I’m not convinced she didn’t like it though, she likes marshmallows. But during the trip, she wouldn’t eat much of anything. Maybe we’ll try again sometime soon!

bonfire roasting marshmellows frio river neals lodges

Standing by the bonfire with the family at the Frio River


See Fireworks – CHECK! We took Lennox to the fireworks on the 4th of July. She seemed to love them and asked about them for a few days after the fact. That’s my girl! Just like her mom and grandma, loves fireworks!

Lake Grapevine Fireworks 2012

Lake Grapevine Fireworks 2012


Experience the fun of Sparklers – CHECK! We bought some sparklers for the 4th of July, but ended up using them at the Frio. I found this neat idea on Pinterest; sticking the sparkler through a solo cup so that the sparklers don’t hurt her little hand — it worked great, although she still wasn’t so sure about holding it. She liked watching them though.

Lennox's first sparklers

Lennox’s first sparkler!


Learn to ride a tricycle – almost CHECK! Lennox is quickly learning to ride her tricycle. She does great going backwards (random?) and tries her hardest to go forward, if you give her a little nudge, off she will go! Like the big helmet (hand me down), headband/sweat band look? I sure do!

Learning to Ride a Tricycle

Lennox starting to learn to ride her Tricycle.

So we still have a few things to do, but almost all should be completed by the end of the summer – Fun times are ahead!

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