2 years 2months

Another month older, Another month wiser.

Exactly this, another month old, another month wise. Little Miss Lennox is turning into Little Miss Smarty Pants! The way she reacts to situations, her responses to questions/statements … sometimes she just amazes us. How does someone who two years ago, couldn’t even sit up on their own, now know what she wants, how to tell us, how to respond, etc. It’s amazing to watch!

2 years 2months

Lennox MUST be going through a growth spurt right now. She has been eating more than normal and sleeping longer hours. Today she didn’t wake up until after 8am, then at 1130 she asked to take a nap. She got her blanket and just walked herself upstairs to lay down, saying she was tired! That’s my girl!

We have also noticed that since getting back from vacation she has been acting less like her “terrible two’s” self! She has more patient, expresses what she wants/needs more and happy almost all the time! Hopefully this sticks around!

lennox keeping a watch from her playground

Our little girl is getting bigger and bigger by the day!

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5 thoughts on “Another month older, Another month wiser.

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  2. Nancy

    She loves to shop! That is so awesome! 🙂 I can’t believe she is already 2 years and 2 months! I can’t wrap my head around that in 4 months, Arianna is going to be 2 years old too! Wow!


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