Back to School 2012

Back to School 2012

Today was the first day of school for many kids down here in Texas, Lennox included. Yes, she has been going to her Montessori school all summer, but it has been a little different schedule with a lot fewer kids (maybe 70% less). So, technically today was her first day of school for real.

Back to School 2012

It was a hectic morning, trying to get out the door, to get to school early {mommy had a morning meeting to get to..}. Things didn’t go quite to plan. There was tons of traffic, no parking at school, but I still got to work on time, for a meeting that didn’t start on time…arg! Glad I rushed around 😉 oh well! Lennox looked super cute in her uniform and it sounded like she had a good day with all her friends at school.

Look how little Lennox was when she started at her montessori school!

For all of you who have kiddos in school, I hope the first day of school went/goes well! Happy School Year!

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