Lennox dressed up as a butterfly

Butterflies & Fairies {Weekend Recap}

Usually this is where I show pictures from another great weekend. We did indeed have a good weekend, but nothing too eventful happened and I have no pictures to prove it! I spent time getting things together for the consignment sale next week {more on that coming soon}, cleaning, playing and relaxing. So instead, I figured I would share an action shot I got of Lennox playing w/ one of her new obsessions {she gained many over the weekend, somehow!}… Butterfly/Fairy wings.

Lennox dressed up as a butterfly

Ever since Lennox did a lesson at school about butterflies, she has loved them and loved pretending to be one. Most nights, we have a flying lesson around the kitchen island! So when we were in the toy department on friday picking up a birthday present for a friends 1-year-old, Kyle spotted some wings and fairy wands. He had to get them for Lennox! She instantly loved them – That was a $7 well spent! I think if I let her sleep with them, she would!

Anyone else’s little one like to pretend to be an animal?

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