Cape Cod Go Karts

This morning Lennox told her Papa she wanted to drive a car. Of course, Papa let her go help drive a car.. a Go KART!

cape cod harwich go carts


I remember going to these go carts as a little kid, they haven’t changed AT ALL. They are probably even the same karts as back then too! They are little gasoline run go karts, they don’t go fast and you just go around in a circle. $6 for about 10 minutes. I wasn’t sure what Lennox was going to think. She would either love it or be crying after a minute! Well, it was a success! She loved it! Each time she drove by Grandma & I she would wave at us! It was the cutest thing. I was able to catch it on video one time:

A cute family picture:

I’d say the go carts were a success since she was crying to go again when we were leaving. I see another go-cart trip in our near future!

Kyle and Lennox at the Harwich Go Carts

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