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Debbie & Friends: Kid’s Music All Grown-Up

Thursday morning, we headed out to see Debbie and Friends: Kid’s Music that’s all Grown-Up at the old Cape Playhouse in Dennis, MA. The Cape Playhouse has been in business since 1927 and is the oldest summer theatre in the nation! I remember going here as a kid for a few shows, so when my mom suggested bringing Lennox, it sounded like a great idea. They have very cheap ($10) programs for little kids. This one was a singing and dancing show — perfect for Lennox’s age group!

First we had to get all dressed up pretty to go to the show. Here is Lennox posing in her ocean creature Mudpie outfit:

Lennox ready to go to the show!

Once we got to the theatre, she was ready to go! We were able to sit front row, on the side, which gave her lots of room to get up and dance.Debbie and Friends: Music All Grown Up ShowHere are some super cute videos of Lennox dancing along with Debbie’s songs. She wasn’t so sure at first — I think it was a little louder than she has been around and she had never seen any type of live performance before. But after a few songs, we were able to get her up and dancing and then she had a great time!

After the show, they had bubbles, souvenirs, Debbie, etc out in the lawn next to the playhouse. We only stayed for a few minutes, but I tried to get some cute pictures of Lennox, but I didn’t have much success! She was getting tired.

Cape Playhouse Dennis Cape Cod Ma

Cape Playhouse

The show was good and the venue is great! If you are even on the Cape and want a good place to see a children’s show, or even a regular play, check out the Cape Cod Playhouse. If you live in New England, check out Debbie & Friends.

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2 thoughts on “Debbie & Friends: Kid’s Music All Grown-Up

  1. Debbie Cavalier

    Thanks Heather! What a wonderful review of our show! I’m so glad you and Lenox enjoyed the show. I hope to see you again!

    Please visit our web site for a free song download, concert dates, access to our cartoon music videos and more.

    Thanks again!



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