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Happy 149th Birthday Maria Montessori

Today is Maria Montessori’s 149th birthday. As you know, Lennox attends Montessori school {and we love it!} so when I heard today would have been her 149th birthday I thought I could write a little post about Montessori. I intend to start writing more about Montessori, our experience and some things you can do at home that are “montessori like”.

Today Google is honoring Maria Montessori with their Google doodle:

Today’s doodle from Google: Maria Montessori’s Birthday. Taken from

When I thought about Montessori this morning, I wondered to myself, “Is there any famous/successful people who were brought up in a Montessori environment?” So off to Google I went and I found that some of the big names today were actually Montessori kids! A few big examples:

Both Founders of Google {Sergey Brin and Larry Page}
Founder of {Jeff Bezos}
Founder of Wikipedia {Jimmy Wales}
Owner/Editor of Washington Post {Katherine Graham}
Princes of Great Britain {Prince William and Prince Harry}
Co-Founder of Facebook {Mark Zuckerberg}
Former First Lady {Jackie Kennedy}

…and the list goes on. Pretty neat! I had no idea. It makes me wonder, what will Lennox grow up to be? Will she have some great idea like many of these people did? Does their education in the early years really take credit for their great ideas? Maybe no one will really ever know, but I don’t think Montessori education can hurt at all.

Maria Montessori Quote

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