cape cod harwich trampolines

It’s Time to Jump!

Along with the Go Karts, as a kid I loved going to the trampolines. Seems so simple, but around here, no one had trampoline’s in their back yards. In texas, everyone seems to have one in their backyard, and they are no big deal! After we left the go karts the other day, we went to jump! $6 for 15 minutes of jump time is what you get at the Harwich Trampolines. That was plenty of time for Lennox to have a good time!

cape cod harwich trampolines

Really when you think of it, trampolines of this style are not very safe! There is a big hole in the ground underneath you, you can fall through the rusty all springs or you could land wrong and twist your ankle… all good things huh? Oh well, its good ol’ fun and no one got hurt!

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