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A big thanks to Jayne over at the Naptown Organizer for being guest poster #2 while I’m on vacation and unable to blog everyday! I can completely relate to this post below – please remind me why we all buy big expensive toys for our kids again?

Hi all at the Terrell Family Fun Blog!

I’m the naptown mama, a mother, wife, speech therapist, and blogger who writes for The Naptown Organizer.  I post about parenting, motherhood, fashion, beauty, my family, & any and everything eco-friendly.  While Heather is on vacation, I agreed to stop by to guest post and chat for a few with you all.

My little man at home is almost a year and a half old, and since Heather often posts about the ‘in toys of the moment’ for her family, I thought we’d talk about a few toys that are hot commodities in our home.  But, well, if you look down below, you’ll see that my items are slightly different than Heather’s toys.  Because, well, they’re not really supposed to be toys.

Item #1 on the list.  Our swiffer.

I seriously cannot bring this device out of the closet without two happy little feet running across the kitchen floor to get to me.  Little man LOVES to press the button to make the sweeper portion of the Swiffer work. At first, I tried to just carry him around while holding the Swiffer, so I could actually still clean the floors.  (Side note, this thing is amazing on dog hair, which we have a lot of!)  However, now that I am almost halfway through my second pregnancy, I’m getting to the point that trying to manage a squiggly toddler who just wants to push the Swiffer while still in my arms isn’t quite working.  So, I’ve actually just given up.  I give little man the swiffer, and off he goes.  He doesn’t actually do a bad job with it, but I follow behind him with a hand vac to pick up any dog hair that is left.
Although I did find one ‘toy’ that will distract him long enough for me to get the floors done today- the vacuum cleaner.  Lol.  Oh dear child, you are certainly a little mini-me!
Item #2 on the list.  An old puffs can.
I don’t know what initially led us to the realization that an old puffs can would be the best toy ever, but let me tell you- it is!  I took just a normal pair of kitchen shears and cut a rectangle sized opening into the top of the container.  And, voila, entertainment for hours.  Well, not hours, but minutes, which in toddler-time pretty much equates to hours anyway.  Pretty much anything that can fit through the opening gets put in the can, shaken up like a musical instrument, and then taken out of the can after the lid comes off.  Some of little man’s favorite things to put in his can toy are magnets from his animal magnet board, pieces of paper ripped up from his dad’s favorite magazines, and food.  Thankfully, this can holds up well to washing!
Items #3 & #4 on the list.  My dogs.
We have two very small, very sedentary chihuahuas.  However, little man somehow knows a way to convince them to get off the couch and follow him around the room happily.  Little man also somehow cons them into chasing him around, and then he giggles and squeals with glee every time he looks back and they are still there following him.  He’s getting better at gentle petting at this point, but still needs some work there.  Although, the relationship between little man and Nani, my dog on the right, is absolutely adorable at times.  He’ll often stick out a hand to her and she’ll come up and give him just a little nuzzle before she heads back to the couch.
So, even though we have all these wonderful, shiny, fun baby toys at our home, just like any child, little man just LOVES to play with improvised toys.  Practical play, I keep telling myself… 🙂
What are some non-traditional toys that your little one loves to use to play?
(And head on over to The Naptown Organizer if you want to read more!)


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  1. Nicole @ The Kavanaugh Report

    I love non traditional toys! I think old containers are the biggest hit with Henry!


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