one week old lennox

Our Favorite Top 3 Baby Items {Toddle Along Tuesday}

This weeks Toddle Along Tuesday topic is “Favorite Baby Item”. Well, little miss Lennox is no longer a little baby but I remember some items that we loved! So here are my top 3 baby items that I would recommend to other expecting parents or would buy again if we were to have another child!


one week old lennox

#1 on our list is the Miracle Blanket!

This thing was AMAZING. The Miracle Blanket is a swaddle blanket, but it is so much better than a regular blanket or a SwaddleMe with velcro. Lennox always busted out of her swaddles but this thing she couldn’t get out of and it helped her sleep through the night at 5 or 6 weeks old! {I’m so bless to have a child that started STTN at 5 weeks!} We received this swaddle from a co-worker who swore by it. I had never heard of it or seen it before, and honestly, it seemed extra complicated to use! But, once we got the hang of it get the hang of it, it is easy to use! It really is a “miracle blanket”!

#2: Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing

My grandmother gave us a Graco swing before Lennox was born. We put it together and had it all ready for Lennox the day she came home from the hospital. Well, that swing only lasted about a week before it decided to break! We brought it back to Toys R Us (thankfully without any hassle, since we no longer had the box or receipt) and traded it in for this Fisher Price swing. This swing was so much better! Lennox just LOVED being in her swing – for the first 3 months, she took all her naps in that thing. It has had hours upon hours of use and it kept working great. Another really nice feature is that it plugs into the wall. It will take batteries if you need it to, but they drain fast. Plugging it in, saved us a lot of money on batteries!

#3: The Infamous Fisher-Price Seahorse

I think most people have or have had this seahorse in the past. It is today’s version of the glow-worm that I remember having as a kid. Lennox loves it. We got it when she was maybe 6 months {I’m not even sure exactly when} and she has loved it ever since! Even today at 26 months, Lennox still sleeps with it every night and asks for her seahorse when it’s not there. It doesn’t even need to have the batteries in it for her to love it!

So what was your favorite baby item that you would recommend to everyone? Look for toddler toys? Check out our favorite toys from age 1-2.

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10 thoughts on “Our Favorite Top 3 Baby Items {Toddle Along Tuesday}

    1. Heather

      You should love it! You may need to watch a video online the first time to figure out how to use it but once you figure it out, it’s pretty awesome! If you have any questions about it, let me know!

  1. Janelle@domesticallyseasoned

    I have never heard of the seahorse. I am putting my shoes on right now to go buy one for my kiddo. What a great invention, and it reminds me of those 80’s glow worms (i had one as a kid). Thanks for linking up today and I am excited to find a new blog to follow!

    1. Heather

      I think your little one will love it! It just soothes them to sleep and Lennox still likes it when she goes to bed. So its worth it and its not expensive!

  2. Nancy

    OOOH! I wish I had invested in the Miracle Blanket. I was such a horrible swaddling newbie. Next baby I am planning on getting the Miracle Blanket.


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