We Made It!

Well, we made our long over night journey to Massachusetts, all in one piece. We experienced what Spirit Airlines is all about (more on that later, but it was pretty much just fine!), we experienced being up for 24+ hours and we experienced Lennox’s excitement to see Grandma & Papa. That was the best part! She was sooo excited to see them! She is just happy as can be to be here in their house and play with them all day. I love it!

The worst part of the trip? Lennox did not go to sleep on the plane, AT ALL! That meant, no sleep for mommy & daddy either. So Kyle & I were up for over 26 hours, and Lennox got 3 hours of sleep from 8-11pm and THAT’S ALL. I don’t know how she managed to stay awake the whole flight but she did. She did well, just watched her shows on the iPhone & iPad and had some snacks. So at least she did well and wasn’t screaming. I do think we were the only people awake on the 130AM – 6AM flight! Go us.

Here is Lennox looking for “whoa big planes” out the window!

More to come on our trip and all the adventures we will be having!

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