Lennox took this picture

Weekend Recap – Cape Cod Part 2

weekend on cape cod

1. Lennox checking out the Deer at the Cape Cod Zooquarium.

2. Time to play at the beach

3. A huge sculpture made out of sand! I’m not sure how it doesn’t wash away in the rain…

4. Lennox and Great Grandma reading books after a family dinner.

5. Snuggles with Papa and TV before bedtime.

6. Lennox’s sea shell collection

7. Lennox telling me “Cheese” so I would take her picture (on the way home from beach)

8. Picking veggies from the garden with her Papa

9. Crazy faces on the deck screen.. what kid doesn’t do this?!

Other than all of this, our weekend pretty much consisted of a rainy day and beach time! We had hoped for better weather, but we made it to the beach in between the rain storms for a while each day.

I Wanna go Swimming!

Lennox jumps right into the water – look how big she is!

Most people go to the beach and look for shells, Lennox looks for Rocks.. go figure!

Monomoy Beach

Exploring Monomoy Beach in Chatham

Monomoy Beach

3 Generations at Monomoy Beach in Chatham

Lennox & Papa at Monomoy Beach

Lennox & Papa looking for “big rocks” at Monomoy Beach in Chatham

Monomoy Beach in Chatham

More rocks…Monomoy Beach in Chatham

Silly little girl…

Posing for the camera at Monomoy Beach in Chatham

Posing for the camera, being a ham!

This picture is courtesy of Lennox… considering she is 2 and most of the time holds the camera backwards, it’s not too bad!

Lennox took this picture

Me at the Beach!

Ps. you can see my not so pretty birth mark on my face this close up.. bleh!

So.. what did you do this weekend?

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