Sunday on Cape Cod

Weekend Recap: Cape Cod Style!

This weekend has been a lot of fun! Much more fun than our average weekend back in the HOT Texas heat. We are here on Cape Cod (Kyle for a few more days, Lennox & I for another week!) and we are having a great time with my parents. Lennox loves being with her Grandma & Papa. Here is a little peek at what we did over the weekend that I have a picture proof!


Friday on Cape Cod

1: Fishing Buoys – these always remind me at home. I love the colors and shapes when you see them hanging outside a house or building.

2. Lunch down by the harbor. Lennox had fun looking at the fish, birds, rocks (?) and boats – lots of looking, not much eating!

3. Friday in Chatham is band concert night! More on this to come, but Lennox had a fun time dancing around to the music and hanging out w/ an old friend of mine, Meagan.



Saturday on Cape Cod

1. Hanging out with cousins…Sean and Holden are Lennox’s THIRD cousins! She thought they were pretty hilarious. Later in the day we went down to the pond to go swimming. Lennox just loves Sean!

2. Modeling her new bathing suit that Grandma found for a bargain at TJ Maxx — Mudpie for $5.99 — yes please! She had the matching outfit last year, SUPER CUTE!



Sunday on Cape Cod

1 & 2: Sunday morning Lennox’s Great Grandma came over to visit with us. Lennox wasn’t so sure about her at first, but warmed up pretty quickly. Then they started playing with toys together and reading books. By the end of the visit, Lennox was having a great time with her Great Grandma. I’m happy to get some of these moments captured. I hope Lennox will remember spending time with her Great Grandma.

3 & 4: While Lennox took her nap and my parents babysat, Kyle and I headed out for some Dairy Queen (Chocolate Cone with Cherry Dip anyone??) and some mini golf! We ended up playing two games — we both won one game. I, however, got a hole in one on the hole that mattered the most – #18. Hole in one = Free game! Go me!

All in all, it was a good weekend. We also got some time Saturday to go out shopping and to dinner without Lennox. It’s nice being able to relax through dinner and not have to shove our face with food while Lennox starts melting down!! Thank goodness for parents/grandparents!

So what did you do this weekend?

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One thought on “Weekend Recap: Cape Cod Style!

  1. Diana

    I’m so glad to hear that you are having an awesome time at the Cape! High five on the hole in one! I hope Lennox remembers the time she spends with her great grandma too. Amazingly enough, I still remember mine and they are some of my fondest memories 🙂 Keep posting about your trip! I love hearing about it!


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