2 year 3 months update on lennox

2 Years + 3 Months = Big Personality, Big Attitude

2 year 3 months update on lennox

Last week Lennox became another month older, putting her at 2 years, 3 months old! It’s actually a little hard to pin point exactly what is different from month to month at this point, even though she is changing so much! Her personality keeps shining through, her language is doing really well… she says everything, tells you what she wants and her imagination…wow, what an imagination. She will make you invisible food for an hour and be so into it. It’s so fun to watch. Today she even made a menu for us with what was available aka what we have had for dinner the last few nights!

This month, and past weekend, she was lucky enough to have her Fisher-Price Playdate. She loved having all her friends over and she loves even more, all her new toys! What a lucky and spoiled little girl she is right now!! It was like christmas in September!

She still loves her new friend, Boppy bear and she is obsessed with the new show Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood! If you haven’t checked that one out, you really should – it’s the continuation/based on Mister Rogers Neighborhood! Beside that show she loves Doc McStuffins.. aka Dr. Muffins as she says!

Lastly, another picture, because really… I can’t not post pictures of her! This was her on Friday before school. She stood against the house and asked for a picture to be taken! {again, more trail mix — this girl is obsessed!}

Lennox at 2 Years and 3 months old

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