Lennox with her Boppy Baby

A Bear Named Boppy

Lennox has never been overly attached to any stuffed animal, lovey, blanket, ect. She does have her certain toys she has to bring to bed every night and she brings her Minnie Mouse to school everyday.

Well, tonight we went upstairs to her room to get ready for bed and she found this stuff bear. We got it from a co-worker’s daughter over a year ago. She has never paid any attention to. It usually just gets thrown over her shoulder while digging through the stuffed animal basket. Tonight…Tonight, she was in love! She instantly called it Boppy {so I guess that makes it a boy?? — EDIT: I was informed today that its a SHE! } and she had to wrap him up in a blanket.

We took our bath and back she ran to Boppy.
We got dressed and back to Boppy she went.
We went outside to wait for “the red car” {daddy} and she had to take Boppy.
We went to bed, we had Boppy.
We even gave Boppy a drink of water before going to sleep.

Lennox with her Boppy Baby

While we were outside waiting for daddy, she kept telling me take pictures of Boppy. I had to share the cuteness!

Lennox with her Boppy Baby

We will see if Boppy sticks around but I think its hilarious and extra cute! Where did this come from?

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5 thoughts on “A Bear Named Boppy

  1. Jennifer

    That is so stinkin cute! I love that age. When my oldest daughter was little, she used to have a doll that she named Burp and she took that doll everywhere!


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