A Fall Favorite: Apple Cider… Everything! {10’s of Fall}

This weeks 10’s of Fall is about Fall Favorite’s Foods & Drinks. I don’t know about you but I love apple cider…everything! Hot apple cider, cold apple cider, apple crisp, apple cider donuts… the list can go on! We just got a Keurig maker and apple cider k-cups are one of my new favorites!

So, I figured I would look for some new recipes to try out this fall on pinterest and share them with you.

This first one is a neat one. It would be a lot of work to prepare but looks delish — apple cider in an apple!


Apple crisp is always an easy and yummy go to recipe for the fall..or really anytime during the winter:


I haven’t tried apple cider bread, but it looks and sounds good!

Source: flickr.com via Heather on Pinterest


Apple cider donuts and muffins are always great — I may have to attempt to make these soon!

Source: feastie.com via Heather on Pinterest


Do you have any great apple cider recipes to share with me? I’d love some other ones.

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2 thoughts on “A Fall Favorite: Apple Cider… Everything! {10’s of Fall}

  1. Shannon

    Is it wrong that I just like to eat the crisp part of apple crisp? I meant the apples are great and all, but that cinnamony crunchy crispy deliciousness? MMMMMMMM


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