Lennox in her school uniform, ready to go play with her BFF's


Lennox in her school uniform, ready to go play with her BFF's

So, did you know that a 2-year-old could have best friends? I obviously knew that Lennox would have little playmates and people she loved to be around but BFFs, I didn’t really think she would have that good of a friendship with someone so young. I was wrong!

At school, Lennox has two little girls in her class that just love each other. I call them the three musketeers, as does everyone at school! They do EVERYTHING together.. I mean everything! I will get to school and Lennox is getting her diaper changed…so one of the girls is in there waiting for her and trying to make her laugh… what little nuts!

The three families don’t know each other, but somehow we always end up dressing our girls in the same uniform everyday {there are 3 shirt options, and then 4 bottom options}, they say all the same things, they do all the same stuff, they can’t leave school without saying bye to each other AND giving each other kisses and hugs. If the other two girls are anything like Lennox, they talk about each other ALL THE TIME outside of school.

I have invited them over for our Fisher-Price Playdate {more on that later} and I really hope they come! I would love to get to know their parents so that we can get the girls together more often.

It makes me happy that Lennox has 2 BFFs already! What a fun way to start school!

Do your kids have a BFF already?

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