fall weekend recap iphone pictures

Busy Weekend Recap

Well it’s official. Fall is finally here in Texas. It didn’t get over 80 all weekend, which still sounds pretty warm but that is 20-30 degrees cooler than we have been experiencing, so I’ll take 60-80 degrees!

We had a busy weekend getting a new car {!! more on that later this week!}, visiting family, getting yard work done and getting some things together around the house before having people over this weekend.

fall weekend recap iphone pictures

From Top {left to right}:

  1. Car Shopping.. Kyle got a new car – our first VW! Love it! Check back later this week for some pictures and details!
  2. Lennox checking out her new ride, she loves it.. i mean really LOVES it!
  3. Car shopping is hard work, Lennox did GREAT the 4 hours at the dealership and then 2 hours with family, dinner and then picking up the car. The moment we got back on the highway at 5pm, she was out. Pretty good for no nap!
  4. While waiting for our car to be ready, we went to visit Kyle’s Aunt, Uncle & 2 cousins. They have a brand new 4 week old kitten they found in their back yard. Lucy is the cutest little thing and SO tiny. Lennox had a lot of fun with her, as did we.
  5. Fall weather = fall clothes! Lennox wearing an outfit I picked up the other week at the JBF consignment sale!
  6. Look at all this hair Lennox has! We were being lazy and hanging out in bed this afternoon. She wanted her picture taken 🙂
  7. Helping Mommy & Daddy pick up after getting some yard work done. Weeding, tree trimming and pruning. Not a lot of fun, but it’s finally cool enough to get it done! The yard and garden were in desperate need of attention.
  8. “Daddy! Unlock the car, I want to go for a ride!” A little evening ride to get milkshakes before bedtime. Can you tell we love our new car?
  9. Another reason {reason #63454} why I love my neighborhood and neighbors. I get a call from our next door neighbor that there is a rainbow outside. The kiddies watching the rainbow.

So what did you do this weekend? Did you get to enjoy the fall weather?

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2 thoughts on “Busy Weekend Recap

  1. Steph k.

    It didn’t get over 75 here in Austin this weekend. The only bummer was it rained the entire time so we were stuck inside. But I will take cool and wet over hot and dry! Another bummer was I realized I have no cool weather clothes for LK! Yikes!


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