Lennox's first trip to the dentist

Lennox’s First Trip to the Dentist {Wordless Wednesday}

Monday was Lennox’s first trip to the dentist. She did GREAT. I was a little nervous she would be scared of the doctor or not cooperate and open her mouth, but she did perfectly! She did everything the doctor asked and got a clean bill of … teeth health? All looked good, and that’s good news! Especially since it’s always a battle to brush her teeth each night.

Along with Lennox, her bunny had to get a check up too … according to Lennox!

Lennox's first trip to the dentist

As promised, she got a prize and a sticker and we were on our way to school after the appointment. I’m so proud of her! As a reward, after school I brought her to get some frozen yogurt at TCBY {her new favorite treat stop!}

frozen yogurt reward for lennox

After school, she also kept pointing to her teeth and telling me she had to go to the dentist to get them fixed! Too cute and silly!

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6 thoughts on “Lennox’s First Trip to the Dentist {Wordless Wednesday}

  1. Sarah

    Aww! That’s awesome that she did so well! I am fearing when we have to take Aubrey- she HATES getting her teeth brushed, so I am not too optimistic about her first experience.


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