Lennox and I at Neal's Lodges Frio River

“Mommy & Me” {Toddle Along Tuesday}

This weeks topic for Toddle Along Tuesday is Mommy & Me. I love every minute that we get to spend together and miss her every moment I have to be away from her. She is so funny, has a huge personality and makes me happier than I could ever know! I thought the best way to do this post this week was to post some of my favorite pictures of the two of us. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to ever want her picture taken with me anymore.. so they are starting to be few and far between 🙁 Hopefully that will change soon!

Lennox & I moments after birth

Lennox & I moments after her birth!

Lennox & I 2 weeks old

Lennox at 2 weeks old

Lennox and I at 2 or 3 weeks old! Ready for visitors.

Lennox & I at Henry's Shower

Lennox & I at my nephews baby shower / meet the baby party – 2 months old!

Lennox ready for her first Texas Longhorns Football Season! Hook’em!

Lennox's first snowfall

Lennox’s first snowfall! They are few and far between here in Texas.

First Bluebonnet Picture

A Texas Tradition: Bluebonnet pictures on the side of the highway!

Lennox's 2nd birthday

Lennox at her 2nd Birthday.

Lennox and I at Neal's Lodges Frio River

Lennox and I ready to float the Frio River this July.

Lennox and I on Cape Cod

Lennox and I on Cape Cod

Lennox & I

My current favorite picture. It’s just an instagram picture, but I just love it! It’s from our vacation to Cape Cod this summer.

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7 thoughts on ““Mommy & Me” {Toddle Along Tuesday}

  1. Jennifer

    Such precious pictures! This makes me realize I need to get out from behind the camera and take a few more of me with my babies. It goes too fast!

    1. Heather

      Lol thanks! I hope we get some snow this winter – we didn’t have any last winter for Lennox to play in! And…Not anytime soon!


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