Fisher Price Playdate

Our Fisher-Price Joy of Learning Playdate

As you may already know, we were lucky enough to be chosen by for the Fisher-Price Joy of Learning Playdate this past weekend. and Fisher-Price were SO generous with this party. I couldn’t wait to get all of Lennox’s little friends over to play with all the new toys!


So we received 3 big main toys along with accessories for each. I also set up each as a “play station”. Here is a quick review of each.

Fisher Price Little People Princess Song CastleThe Fisher Price Little People Disney Princess Song Castle is great! My daughter really likes this. The castle comes with 2 princesses, and Fisher-Price included 4 more for the party. All the princess interact with the castle differently. They say their name, a line from the movie and sing their movie song. Lennox likes to have the princess go to sleep in the bed, eat dinner at the table, take a shower {in the non-existent bathroom/shower}! I would have to say that it’s a pain in the butt to put together! But, it was worth it — all the kids seemed to love it. I even caught the 10(ish) year old boy playing with it 😉 The play station for this one was dressing up like a princess {or prince} with crowns and wands!

Fisher Price Little People Wheelies Loops 'n Swoops Amusement ParkNext we had the race car zone! This is the Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies Loops ‘n Swoops Amusement Park. This was a hit with everyone, especially the boys! Not only do the little wheelies go down it well, so do princesses, play food, and just about anything else small enough to fit on the track! I see this as being a big hit every time my nephew comes over! Lennox does not seem that interested in it, but at times I’ll see her playing with it.

Fisher Price Servin' Surprise Kitchen & Table with AccessoriesLastly we have the party and Lennox’s favorite, the Fisher-Price Servin’ Surprise Kitchen & Table. This toy does it all! It’s an activity table, a kitchen and an interactive  learning center. The table comes with Pizza & Cookie set but then Fisher Price was kind enough to send us all 5 accessory sets {tea set, grill, ice cream, birthday cake & baby w/ baby food}. The table knows what food you put on it and talks about the food, sings songs about it and then knows when its clean up time! It’s really a fun toy. Lennox already has the traditional wooden kitchen in her playroom, but she is having fun using them together. This was the main toy that everyone seemed to play with at the party.


The party went great, but holy moly — Having 11 or 12 kids at the house was CRAZY. We’ve had birthday parties and lots of people over, but it sure is different when everyone is playing with toys and going crazy! My living room was nice and organized for about 20 seconds and then the first guest arrived. It still isn’t back to normal days later!

Fisher Price PlaydateLike I said, I see endless hours of fun for my nephew, as this is what happened during the party! If he wasn’t already getting something like this for Christmas, I would be giving this one to him!

Fisher Price Playdate PicturesAFTERTHOUGHTS

I had a lot of fun at this party, as it seemed everyone else did. I’m sure there were some people who thought there would be a catch, but there really wasn’t! Just come and play and have a good time — and that we did! An extra bonus? Goodie Bags for the little guests:

Fisher Price Playdate Goodie BagA little birdie told me that if you check back within the next few days, you may be able to win one for your little one as well! 

So overall, I would host another again for sure, as well as a Fisher-Price party. I still can’t believe that Lennox gets to keep all these great toys. Have you ever had any other HouseParty event? Did you have a great experience too?

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post, but I did receive product from Fisher Price and in return to throwing this playdate party! All opinions are my own.

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