Lennox in her boat, cockle cove beach chatham

Summer 2012 Bucketlist, Complete!

At the start of the summer you may recall {or not!} that I created a Bucket List for Lennox. Earlier during the summer I talked about the first part of our bucket list for Lennox and what we had checked off the list. Well, I’m happy to say that we completed our summer bucket list with Lennox! As we wrap up summer, I thought I would share what else we finished on the list! Walk along the beach and search for seashells. Done!

Lennox searching for shells on Cape Cod

Lennox searching for shells on Monomoy Island, Chatham Cape Cod.

We spent lots of time looking for shells and even put together a shell collection while on Cape Cod. They made it back to Texas but some of them broke {sad face}. Lennox had fun looking for all the different shells. She was terrified of crab shells though! Go Swimming in the Ocean. Done!

Lennox in her boat, cockle cove beach chatham

Lennox in her boat, Cockle Cove Beach, Chatham Cape Cod

We spent lots of time in the water. She is our little water bug, just like I was as a kid. Loved the water, more than playing in the sand! We brought our little boat with us and Papa would pull her around. She doesn’t look overly happy, but she was! I just didn’t get a good picture. Build a Sandcastle. Check.. Kind of!

She liked digging this hole until we got to water instead!

She had fun playing in the sand, but not for long. She wasn’t THAT into building a sandcastle unfortunately, but that was ok. We still had fun! Go on a Boat Ride. We did this, twice!

Kyle and Lennox on the Steamship Authority Boat on the way to Martha's Vineyard

Lennox & Kyle as the ferry docks in Martha’s Vineyard.

Mom! It’s too windy on this boat!

We went over to Martha’s Vineyard on the big Steamship Authority Ferry. Honestly, she liked the bus ride to and from the boat better! Go figure. I have some great memories of riding the ferry back and forth to the Islands. It was just so much fun.

Attend a Chatham Band Concert. Done!

Chatham Band Concert Summer 2012

Chatham Band Concert Summer 2012

Lennox sitting and watching the band concert in chatham

Lennox sitting and watching the band concert in Chatham {sorry, not great picture!}

We headed to the Chatham Band Concert the first Friday we were on Cape Cod. The band concert is a Chatham tradition. You can’t visit town on a weekend and not attend. It is just good old fashion family fun! We had hoped to go twice but the next week it was rainy 🙁 Must haves for every band concert: 1) Penny Candy, 2) Lawn Chair or Blanket, 3) Balloons! Here is a cute little video of her dancing around the band stand and waving w/ her daddy! Look to the right!

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