Our Weekend Recap September 2012

Weekend Recap in Photos

Another weekend has come and gone, way too fast! That being said, we had a great weekend. Here are some quick photos from my phone and instagram:

Our Weekend Recap September 2012

{From top left to bottom right}

Friday night football game — Lennox’s first football game!

Saturday morning while I was getting ready for our Fisher Price Playdate … This is what I found. Doesn’t everyone sit in their diaper and eat trail mix on a plate?

Lennox having a snack and looking cute at our playdate! {more on how this went, later this week!}

A cute snapshot from the party.. that’s my nephew peeking in – I love this photo.

After a long day, Lennox went to bed at 930pm {2 hours late for her} and got up at 9am {again, 2 hours late!} so she got dressed up in her pink clothes and we headed to breakfast!

Making a tower of creamers at breakfast!

Snuggling before bead … when did she get so big?

…and finally… Texas won’t give us a break. 95 degrees at 330pm… HOT!

So that’s our weekend — how was your weekend?

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