A Sad Day in Texas State Fair History

Today is a sad day in Texas State Fair history. This morning the famous talking Big Tex burnt down due to what is believed to be an electrical short.

Rest in peace RIP big tex 2012

For those of you unfamiliar with the Texas State Fair and Big Tex, Big Tex is a fair icon and has been at the center at the fair for 60 years. Big Tex welcomes everyone to the fair by talking about the daily happenings, sponsorships and corny jokes! Big Tex is also dressed in what must be the worlds largest pair of Dickies {and they weight 65 pounds)!

Some other fun facts about Big Tex:

  • This year was Big Tex’s 60th Birthday {What a horrible birthday gift!}
  • Big Tex’s cowboy boots were size 70.
  • Big Tex’s Cowboy hat was 75 gallons
  • Big Tex’s shirt was size 100 and his pants were 284 W/185L XXXXXL in size!
  • 60 years ago, Big Tex was built for $750

To give you an idea of how big he was:

Big Tex Texas State Fair 2012

I’m sure they will rebuild and start over with a brand new Big Tex for next year, but it is still sad to think that the original Big Tex won’t be around anymore. I’m glad we went to the Texas State Fair last weekend {I have pictures to share, just haven’t gotten that far yet!}.

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