Toddler drinking enfagrow milk drink

Milk to Go: Enfagrow Older Toddler Milk

We all know how much milk we are supposed to give to our children and it seems like we are always trying to squeeze more into Lennox’s diet but sometimes its just not possible to bring milk with us when we’ll be out all day. When I was given the chance to try out an older toddler milk drink, I was very interested. Enfagrow now has an Older Toddler Milk Drink ready-to-drink product.

enfagrow older toddler milk drink

We used formula for a few months when Lennox was pre-milk, and I knew there was formula for older kids, but honestly I never really looked into it. I didn’t want to deal w/ the powdered mess anymore and having to make it or bring it to make while we are out and about, so we would just skip some milk, stop at a store to get a little bottle of milk, etc.

Now that we have tried this Enfagrow Older Toddler Milk Drink — I’m sold! It is so convenient, plus Lennox also sees it as a special treat/drink. It’s “chocolate” milk — she called it that all on her own, even though it’s not chocolate at all — I won’t burst her bubble! The fact that this product comes in ready to drink single servings is great. We drink it on the way to school if we are running late, I have one in her diaper bag or just when I need her to drink a more milk.

Toddler drinking enfagrow milk drink

Of course, she will still drink cow’s milk, since that is more economical, but I can really see the uses for something like this.  One other plus is that they can be served cold or at room temperature. This is key – this means we can bring it with us somewhere, and not have to worry about trying to keep it cold.

A little more information about Enfagrow Older Toddler Milk Drinks:

  • Formulated for toddlers 1 year and up.
  • 19 nutrients for growth (calcium & vitamin D)
  • Helps support digestive help with Prebiotics
  • Vanilla & Regular Milk Flavor (I would say Lennox prefers the vanilla over milk flavor, but will drink both!)

To find where you can purchase this check out the Enfamil Store Locator – also, there are $3 off Enfagrow coupons online here.

I received these products for free in return for my product review. The opinions above are 100% my own. This opportunity was made possible through SheSpeaks and Enfamil.

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