I Must Remember…

Shannon over at BabyShmizz wrote a post today about the things she never wants to forget, and it reminded me of a post I wrote over a year ago about all the ways I love Lennox. It was a great reminder that I need to post about this again.

There are so many sweet and cute things that Lennox does, I must remember…

The way she asks for CHEEESEEE every morning while leaving for school, but really is asking for her picture to be taken {hence all the pictures outside our front door}

Lennox's cheese face

Said “Cheese Face”

The way she still asks me to “rock a bye” her at night like a little baby.

The way she wants me to sing “just one more” song before leaving her room at night.

The way she wants to look outside for thunder.

The way she grabs my face and says, Look at me..then says something funny or sweet.

The way she will make a song up about anything, to the tune of another song… I’m not sure how she knows how to do this!

When I asked Kyle what the two things that Lennox is currently doing, which  he hoped to never forget, his response was:

The way she says “ummmmmmmmmmmmm……. no thank you” or “ummmmmmmm *thinking* I want _________” She really thinks about what she wants to say at times.

and The way she sings the “Jump up and Down” song about ANYTHING!

I know there are about 999 other things that I’m forgetting right at this moment, but these are some of the best right now 🙂


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