Lennox having a tea party with Minnie Mouse

Lennox’s Favorite Toddler Toys {Toddle Along Tuesday}

In the past I have shared our favorite baby items, as well as some favorite toddler toys from last year, but here is an updated top 3 toddler toys list for this week’s Toddle Along Tuesday hosted by Growing Up Geeky and The Momma Diaries!

#1 ANYTHING cooking related. She just loves pretending to cook for you. She will serve invisible food, on invisible plates with invisible forks… but when she doesn’t want to be invisible, she will use her Pink Argyle KidKraft Kitchen or her new Fisher-Price Servin’ Surprise Kitchen Table. We have lots of Melissa & Doug food as well, she just loves it all! Here is Lennox cooking a meal for her baby doll!

Lennox cooking with her kidkraft kitchen

Yes, she even has an oven mitt 😉

#2 Tea Parties! Lennox loves to have a tea party. She will have one by herself, with us, with her cousin, with her teddy bears or even with her grandparents through Skype. I would have to say tea parties through Skype has to be a new one..but I love it – it’s so cute! Lennox has the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Tea Set as well as a bigger Disney princess tea set.

Lennox having a tea party with Minnie Mouse

We all have tea parties with Minnie Mouse, right?

#3: Now that it’s cool, Lennox has lots of fun playing on her Little Tikes Endless Adventure Playground! It seems really well-built, can handle multiple kids playing on it and as she grows she will be able to keep using it as the climbing wall is still a little confusing to her.

Lennox's little tyke playgrund

Fun news! I will be hosting Toddle Along Tuesday next week! The topic is funny/quirky baby or toddler habits! Does your little one do some silly thing or have a weird habit that makes you laugh? I’d love to hear about it. Lennox has a few quirky habits as well! Check back next week to find out what she has to do, upside down!

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6 thoughts on “Lennox’s Favorite Toddler Toys {Toddle Along Tuesday}

  1. Samantha

    I love this! Clara’s getting all kinds of kitchen/cooking related toys for Christmas this year, and I hope she enjoys them as much as your daughter obviously does!

    1. Heather

      It really is amazing! Lennox just loves everything girly and my nephew loves EVERYTHING boy.. cars, trains, dinosaurs.
      Can’t wait to find out what gender Squishy is!!


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