Manic Monday

I would like to take the time to introduce you to this weeks Hosts. 
Feel free to take a look at their blogs, leave a comment, and browse
around. These are some great ladies!


So what is this link up all about? Well, every other week I will be
introducing you to my link up hosts. It will give you a change to meet
someone you may not have known before.

Rules of the link up are SIMPLE!

  1.  Follow your host and co-hosts
  2.  If you would like a follow back, comment on our blogs and let us know. We would love to return the favor. 
  3.  Participate in this weeks questions. 
  4.  Provide the link to your post with the link up questions. Please
    use the coding above so it’s an easy link back for your followers in
    case they want to participate.
  5.  Come back in two weeks for another!

This weeks Q& A:

1. What is your favorite thing about fall?
2. Favorite thing to wear this fall season?
3. Have you decorated your home? If so, give us a description or share a photo!
4. Favorite Halloween candy or fall themed food?
5. Are you dressing up for Halloween? Is your family? Share your costume idea!

Share your link to your Q&A below!

My Answers:

1. My favorite thing about fall is the weather. Even though down in Texas we don’t have strong seasons, other than summer, the fall breeze, the leaves changing and falling, pumpkins, apple cider and fall holidays all make me very happy!

2. I’m not that fashionable of a person unfortunately! I love shopping, and I love buying clothes of other people but i’m not so good at it for myself. But I do love the fall rust/burnt orange color.

3. I think I have decorated less this year than any other year, it has just been so busy. But I love pumpkins in my front gardens and pumpkins around our home.

4. Oh if anyone knows me, they know I love candy. I mean I grew up working in a homemade chocolate store for goodness sake! Halloween candy, I would have to say my favorite are Reeses PB cups, candy corn pumpkins and kit kat bars!  As far as fall foods — anything apple cider!

5. I’m not dressing up for Halloween but my daughter is! She is going to be a pink pirate (recent post showing her costume)


Share your link to your Q&A below!

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